Dallas Texas Consultants strives to bridge the gap between product and consumer. Indirect channels of marketing such as television ads, radio ads and direct mail have created a personal gap between product and the consumer. At Dallas Texas Consultants we aim to bridge this gap by delivering sales and marketing presentations, reviewing customer accounts and building relationships with customers in the Dallas Metro area. Our sales and marketing presentations provide a clear advantage over other forms of marketing.

We are committed to promoting the growth of our clients by representing them with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Our ability to answer questions and address concerns while face to face with their customers, leads to increased sales, reduced churn and long term client retention.

Increase Sales

The lifeblood of any business is acquiring new customers. Outsourcing is the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach new and current customers. At Dallas Texas Consutlants we will acquire new small business customers, as well as increase revenue streams for our client’s existing customer base.

Committed to Results

We beat the competition by the strength of our people and the corporations we represent. No one can match our professionalism, integrity, and commitment. Our people deliver outstanding service to our client’s customers as well as participate in comprehensive and ongoing training programs in sales, leadership development and management.


  • Cost-Effective

    • We offer a 100% return on investment. Only a company with confidence in its leadership and employees could offer their clients a performance-based guarantee like this. Our clients are looking for an edge in marketing, advertising, and sales. They must outshine their competitors in each of these categories.

      Regardless of the economic conditions we offer a risk free option to acquire new customers.

  • Expertise

    • Our management has over 15 years of experience in the direct sales and marketing industry. We have worked with programs in telecommunication, office and medical supplies, data processing and energy industries. With our successful track record in this industry we have branched out to provide consulting for other direct sales and marketing firms throughout the country.

  • Speed to Market

    • In a matter of weeks, our professional sales force can institute an immediate, widespread and effective sales campaign. By focusing our efforts on a face-to-face, relationship based marketing and sales approach, we are able to bring our client's life-long customers, increased name brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.