As our client list continually expands, so does the demand for our services and the need for leadership. For this reason, we have created a management training program through which our top preforming representatives quickly ascend the corporate ladder and begin a rewarding career built on sound business principles. The following positions provide all employees with a dynamic education in sales and marketing that facilitates both personal and professional growth.


Internships / Co-Ops

Paid internships and co-ops are available year round.

Dallas Texas Consultants is looking for qualified interns to join our marketing and sales team. Dallas Texas Consultants effectively reaches and influences our clients’ target market through focused, in-person, business to business, marketing and sales campaigns in the Dallas area.  Dallas Texas Consultants seeks an intern who can participate in various stages of the marketing and sales campaigns as well as the leadership development program.

Each intern should be prepared to work in a fast-paced team environment, and will finish the internship having gained broad experience in various aspects of business, marketing and sales.

Entry Level Account Manager

Dallas Texas Consultants offers comprehensive marketing and sales training for our Entry Level Account Managers to work on direct sales and marketing campaigns. The main responsibilities in the entry level are to learn the campaign product knowledge, master the marketing and sales models and understand territory management. Entry level Account Mangers will meet with business owners and office managers to market the profile of our clients, as well as acquire and maintain accounts.

Entry Level Account Managers will gain invaluable skills, essential in any business environment. These skills include public speaking, time management, work ethic and face-to-face marketing and sales presentations.

Account Manager

An Account Manager will gain first-hand experience necessary to manage a business. In this position, all skills in the entry level have been mastered and the individual will begin Dallas Texas Consultants’s management training program. An Account Manager will be groomed from the ground level of our company up to a management position. Opportunities are based on merit and available to those who show the loyalty and commitment required of a business partner.

Account Managers will continue to establish and maintain the client/customer relationship, build new accounts and consult on products and services through, business to business, marketing and sales presentations in the Dallas area. Account Managers will begin the management training program in which they will be taught our interviewing and training process, have leadership training, learn business and financial management and build their entrepreneur mentality. Company travel opportunities will also be available.

An Assistant Manager will work side-by-side with the management team to learn to take full reigns of the organization. An Assistant Manager will gain development in human resources and administration, including all aspects of advertising, brand recognition, recruitment, employee relations, employee payroll and company insurance.

Assistant Manager

Office Managers are responsible for day to day operations. Management responsibilities will include market production, maintaining sales targets, client relations, client reporting, territory management, and recruitment and leadership development.